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Leptocoris mitellatus

Leptocoris mitellatus (Bergroth 1916)

Leptocoris mitellatus
L. mitellatus adult in Australia. Photo by Bron King.

Range: Australia
Hosts: Alectryon connatus (Hairy Alectryon), Alectryon oleifolius (Bullock Bush or Rosewood), Alectryon subcinereus (Wild Quince, Native Quince, or Bird's Eye), Alectryon tomentosus (Hairy Alectryon), Atalaya hemiglauca (Whitewood or Cattle Bush), Elattostachys xylocarpa (White Tamarind), Koelreuteria elegans (Chinese Rain Tree), and Koelreuteria paniculata (Goldenrain Tree)
Physical description: About 11 to 16 mm in length. Dorsal side is purplish red to brick red with a black or purplish scutellum and black membrane. Ventral side is reddish with black or purplish patches. Appendages are black.
May resemble: L. tagalicus (more uniformly colored, anterior part of pronotum is narrower and more defined)


Estimated L. mitellatus distribution

Red markers = locations of collection sites
Blue region(s) of land = inferred range
3/4 inch = 1000 miles
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