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Our Team

Scott Carroll

Scott is the director of the Institute for Contemporary Evolution, which observes and experiments with patterns of ongoing evolution in wild and anthropogenic environments. He has spent decades studying such patterns in soapberry bugs and is our resident soapberry bug expert.

Trevor Fowles

Trevor is a scientist and artist interested in the life lessons revealed by plant-insect interactions. He has developed educational materials for Soapberry Bugs of the World including:

Trevor's research focuses on puzzles of diversification in North American Boxelder bugs on their native and introduced host trees. When not focused on bugs, he loves short walks on long tangents, free time in nature, and second breakfasts. Trevor is your man if you have suggestions for Bug of the Month images.

Crystal Perreira

Crystal developed the content for soapberrybug.org. She also assists with soapberry bug research at the Institute for Contemporary Evolution.