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About the species accounts

See the pages below to learn about what you need to know before viewing the species accounts. Additionally, please note that there is still much we have yet to learn about soapberry bugs. Our current knowledge of their distributions, hosts, and habits is often incomplete or nonexistent. The species accounts on this website are a foundation for researchers and citizen scientists to contribute to the study of soapberry bugs. Please contact us and report your soapberry bug sightings.

Leptocoris nigrofasciatus

Physical descriptions
Information on each species, especially that which pertained to the physical descriptions, was largely obtained from the works of Dr. Ursula... 

Leptocoris tagalicus on Cardiospermum grandiflorum

Host records were gathered by Dr. Scott Carroll and Dr. Jenella Loye from field observations, museum collections, and published accounts. Nonsapind... 

Similar to hosts, exact collection sites (shown on the maps as red markers) were gathered from field observations, museum collections, and published...