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Leptocoris tagalicus

This species has a morphologically distinct form that specializes on Atalaya hosts. The Atalaya race is typically smaller, shorter-beaked, and more brightly colored.

Leptocoris tagalicus (Kirkaldy 1908)

Leptocoris tagalicus
L. tagalicus adult feeding on Cardiospermum grandiflorum in Australia.

Range: Australia, Sulawesi, Oceania, Philippines
Hosts: Alectryon connatus (Hairy Alectryon), Alectryon coriaceus (Beach Bird's Eye), Alectryon diversifolious (Scrub Boonaree), Alectryon oleifolius (Bullock Bush or Rosewood), Alectryon subcinereus (Wild Quince, Native Quince, or Bird's Eye), Alectryon subdentatus (Hard Alectryon or Holly-Leaved Birdseye), Alectryon tomentosus (Hairy Alectryon), Allophylus cobbe (False Currant), Cardiospermum grandiflorum (Showy Balloonvine or Showy Heartseed), Elattostachys xylocarpa (White Tamarind), Jagera pseudorhus (Foambark), and Koelreuteria elegans (Chinese Rain Tree). Atalaya race: Atalaya hemiglauca (Whitewood or Cattle Bush) and Atalaya salicifolia (Brush Whitewood)
Physical description: About 9 to 13 mm in length. Variable color (regional patterns in size and coloration are seen); generally purplish red or brick red, but may be ochre or dark brown. Membrane and appendages are dark brown or black. Coxae are always reddish or yellowish depending on the overall color of the insect.
May resemble: L. vicinus (brighter red with a distinct black 'V' around scutellum) and L. mitellatus (coloration much less uniform, anterior part of pronotum is broad and relatively undefined)


Estimated L. tagalicus distribution

Red markers = locations of collection sites
Blue region(s) of land = inferred range
3/4 inch = 2000 miles
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