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Leptocoris amictus

Leptocoris amictus amictus (Germar 1838)

Leptocoris amictus
L. amictus adult in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.

Range: Central Africa to South Africa
Host: Allophylus rubifolius
Physical description: About 11-16 mm in length. Black or brownish-black dorsal side. Margin of corium that borders the clavus is reddish-orange, forming an upside down red 'v'. Posterior margins of pronotum and scutellum may also be lined in reddish-orange. Head has reddish-orange areas behind dark red eyes, near ocelli. Ventral side is light orange. Appendages are black. May resemble: L. nigrofasciatus, L. lanuginosus, L. hexophthalma (the upside down 'v' is more blackish, thin, and much less prominent)

Leptocoris amictus rubra (Göllner-Scheiding 1980)

Range: Central Africa
Physical description: Similar in size to amictus. Reddish orange dorsum with black membrane and head. Head is red behind the eyes. Scutellum is dark with yellowish-red margins. Pronotum is broad and slightly more rounded than that of amictus. Ventral side dark in color with red around coxae. Appendages are black or brownish-black.


Estimated L. amictus distribution

Red markers = exact locations insects have been found
Blue region(s) of land = inferred range
3/4 inch = 1000 miles
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