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Leptocoris hexophthalmus

Leptocoris hexophthalmus hexophthalmus (Thunberg 1784)

Leptocoris hexophthalmus
Comparison of three male L. hexophthalmus from the ARC Plant Protection Research Institute of South Africa (identified by soapberrybug.org).

Range: Central to South Africa
Physical description: About 11 to 16 mm in length, slender. Brownish yellow, brownish red, or brownish green, with dark membrane; dorsal side may appear glaucous. Posterior margin of coria outlined in reddish orange. Pronotum may also be outlined in reddish orange. Pronotum is broad and the anterior portion is very narrow relative to the posterior portion. Pronotum may have reddish orange line running down the center. Eyes are red. Ventral side is typically the same color as the dorsal side, but slightly lighter. Appendages are black or brownish black.
May resemble: B. fulcrata (have distinct streaks on corium; much smaller; narrower pronotum), L. intermedia, L. mutilatus (more red in color without any black or dark brown undertones), and L. amictus amictus (bright upside down 'v' on margin of corium that borders the membrane)

Leptocoris hexophthalmus lateralis (Signoret 1861)

Range: Madagascar
Physical description: About 12 to 15 mm in length, slender. Reddish orange in color with dark membrane. Scutellum is red and pronotum is red with a dark horizontal indentation. Ventral side is reddish orange and the anterior portions of the ventral segments are dark brown. Appendages are brownish black except for red first antenna segment and red femurs.
May resemble: L. hexopthalmus hexopthalmus (first antenna member and femur are brownish-black, not red like they are in L. lateralis)


Estimated L. hexophthalma distribution
Leptocoris hexophthalmus has been found in Senegal, Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Madagascar but the exact locations of where it was collected are not known.

Red markers = locations of collection sites
Blue region(s) of land = inferred range
3/4 inch = 2000 miles
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