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Leptocoris lanuginosa

Leptocoris lanuginosa (Lethierry 1881)

Leptocoris lanuginosa
L. lanuginsoa specimen, Berlin Museum.

Range: Central Africa
Physical description: Very large in size. Brownish yellow with black head, membrane, and scutellum (scutellum may be dark brown), and dark red eyes. Pronotum is brown. Hemelytra are dark brown with black veins and appear to have a yellow sheen due to their short yellow pilosity. Ventral side is light yellow. Appendages are black.
May resemble: L. amictus amictus (different color; lacks thick wooly pilosity, especially on chest)


Leptocoris lanuginosa has been found in Ethiopia but the exact location of where it was collected is not known. Currently, we cannot infer a range for this species because we do not know what host plant it uses and have no recorded collection points.

3/4 inch = 1000 miles
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