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Leptocoris rufomarginatus

Leptocoris rufomarginatus (Fabricius 1794)

Leptocoris rufomarginatus
L. rufomarginatus adult on Alectryon tomentosus in Australia.

Range: Sulawesi, Caroline Islands, Philippines, Japan (Okinawa), Southeast Asia, Australia, Oceania
Hosts: Alectryon connatus (Hairy Alectryon), Alectryon diversifolius (Scrub Boonaree), Alectryon tomentosus (Hairy Alectryon), Allophylus cobbe (False Currant), and Elattostachys xylocarpa (White Tamarind)
Physical description: About 13 to 29 mm in size. Highly variable in color and easy to confuse with numerous other species within the same range. Named based on the rufous margins seen in some specimens. Such specimens are black with reddish heads and reddish lateral margins on the pronotum and hemelytra; the ventral side is almost entirely black; the appendages are black. Specimens that do not exhibit this distinct coloration can be distinguished from other specimens based on their genitalia. However, the genitalia of L. insularis are similar and have lead some entomologists to mistakenly group the two species together.
May resemble: L. insularis


Estimated L. rufomarginatus distribution
Leptocoris rufomarginatus has been found in the Sri Lanka and Laos but the exact locations of where it was collected are not known.

Red markers = locations of collection sites
Blue region(s) of land = inferred range
3/4 inch = 2000 miles
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