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Leptocoris ursulae

Leptocoris ursulae (Perreira et al., 2012)

L. ursulae with C. grandiflorum seed

Range: Uganda
Hosts: Cardiospermum grandiflorum (Showy Balloonvine)
Physical description: About 10 to 13 mm in length. Pale orange dorsal side with grayish orange overtones, bright red eyes, and black membrane. Ventral side light grayish orange with bright orange spiracles. Appendages are black.
May resumble: Leptocoris productus (brighter orange in color)


Currently, we cannot infer a range for this species because we do not know what host plant it uses and have only one recorded collection point.

Red marker = location of collection site
3/4 inch = 1000 miles
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