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Leptocoris coxalis

Leptocoris coxalis (Kirby 1891)

Leptocoris coxalis
L. coxalis specimen, Berlin Museum.

Range: Sri Lanka
Physical description: Large in size with noticeably tapered membrane. Dorsal side mostly red except for black scutellum, clavus, and membrane. Pronotum is relatively broad posteriorly. Ventrum is black except for costal margins and coxae. Appendages are black.
May resemble: L. vicinus (black clavus results in a distinct 'v' shape that is much less blurred than coxalis; smaller bodied)


Currently, we cannot infer a range for this species because we do not know what host plant it uses and have no recorded collection points.

3/4 inch = 1000 miles
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