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Leptocoris cinnamomensis

Leptocoris cinnamomensis (Izzard 1960)

Leptocoris cinnamomensis
L. cinnamomensis specimen, Berlin Museum.

Range: Southwest Africa
Physical description: About 15 to 17 mm in size. Dorsal side is yellow with a dark brown membrane. Scutellum is equilateral and has a dark spot. Pronotum is coarsely dotted with a center line that does not pass through its entire length; pronotum appears raised. Ventral side is yellow and dark brown. Appendages are dark brown.


Currently, we cannot infer a range for this species because we do not know what host plant it uses and have only one recorded collection point.

Red markers = exact locations insects have been found
Blue region(s) of land = inferred range
3/4 inch = 500 miles
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