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Image of the Month- August 2015

First Images of Leptocoris isolatus in the wild

These images were shot on a recent expedition to Australia by Scott Carroll and Jenella Loye. They are the first of Leptocoris isolatus in the wild. The top image is of an adult L. isolatus taking a drink from the midrib of its host plant Allopyllus cobbe (False Currant), both species are Australian natives. The second image is of a different adult feeding on last season's crop of fallen A. cobbe seeds.

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  • Leptocoris isolatus - Range: New Guinea, Marshall Islands, Oceania
    Hosts: Allophylus cobbe (False Currant) and Allophylus timorensis (False Currant)
    Physical description: About 11 to 16 mm in size. Dusky brown, reddish, or reddish ochre in color with black or blackish brown membrane. Ventral side is black and reddish or ochraceous. Coxae are reddish or ochraceous. Appendages reddish, black, or brownish black.
    May resemble: L. marquesensis