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Soapberry bug paper regarded "Most Influential"

Cover, 25th anniversary edition of Behavioral Ecology. Scott Carroll's paper called 'Most Influential' in Behavioral Ecology's 25-year history.

Editors of The International Society for Behavioral Ecology celebrated the 25th anniversary of the journal by compiling influential articles and reviews in a celebratory 'Virtual Issue'. "Divergence In Male Mating Tactics Between Two Populations Of The Soapberry Bug" by Scott Carroll, Director of Soapberry Bugs of the World, was selected as the most influential paper in the journal's 25 years.

Editor-in-Chief Leigh Simmons of the Center for Evolutionary Biology comments on the committee's selection, "This article exemplifies the behavioral ecology approach, examining as it does both ecological determinants of behavior and its genetic basis. It foreshadowed important theoretical developments into strategic allocation to sperm competition traits, and contributed more generally to our understanding of the evolution of phenotypic plasticity."